Meet the Dentist

Towson Dentist Gloria McMenamin, Parkville General Dentistry

Get to know Dr. McMenamin

Dr. Gloria McMenamin has been practicing dentistry for 23 years. She graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy where she earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree. She also went to school at Centro Escolar University in Manila, Philippines where she completed both her undergraduate and Doctor of Dental Medicine degrees. She has been a member of the AGD (Academy of General Dentistry) since 1995. Dedicated to furthering her education, Dr. McMenamin takes twice the number of credit hours required for biannual re-licensure.

She worked in the Army Reserves from 2000 to 2006 as a dentist which has allowed her to travel and experience many new adventures and work with different people. These experiences have allowed Dr. Mc Menamin to be able to relate empathetically to a wide range of different people and their particular dental problems and needs. She is culturally diverse and able to successfully communicate with people from many different cultural backgrounds.

Dr. McMenamin regularly volunteers in the community and actively participates in outreach programs sponsored by local organizations such as the Katipunan and Gabay . She enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, doing yoga, water sports and playing the piano when possible.

Member Academy of General Dentistry since 1995

Cutting Edge Technology

Below are just a few of the cutting edge technologies that Dr McMenmain employs to enhance patient comfort and increase likelihood of successful clinical outcomes.

Dexis Digital X-rays
State of the art x-ray sensor and software that permits us to acquire superior images of selected areas that ofer better resolution and less radiation than conventional x-rays and therefore allow us to be more accurate when doing diagnosis and treatment planning.We can also make high quality copies of your x-rays to keep or send these images electronically to specialists for referral purposes.

Endo Eze Tilos by Ultradent
This advanced rotary (mechanized) root canal system uses very flexible nickel titanium alloy instruments for canal cleaning and shaping prior to final fill with gutta percha. This results in rapid, predictable and high quality endodontic treatment in a minimum amount of time. This advanced technology is generally painfree and comfortable for the patient.

Apex Locator
Our hi tech apex locator by Midwest Dental allows precise measurement of working lengths without additional x-ray exposure. This allows additional verification of working length obtained from x-ray.

Acteon–piezo Electric Scaler
A versatile tool that can be used for non surgical gum treatment,as well as more conventional hygiene services.It is more comfortable for the patient than the usual ultrasonic handpiece.We can use this instrument to deliver antibacterial irrigants along with normal treatment. This yields better overall resultsthan scaling alone.

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